Tempometry in the Psychology

Space & Geometry, Time & Tempometry

Key phrase and key words:

Geometry for space, Tempometry for subjective times

Proper equilateral triangle & Proper equilateral triduration

Tempogram of equal intervals with pauses

Sheaf of vectors subjective times

Collinearity of subjective times

The approach of the moment which is tensely awaiting

Impossibility within the time to be in future and go out from present instant (now)

Up gradient of agitation, the strength of desire and the frequency of subjective time are interrelated

Dialectic by Rubinstein S.L.

The Frequency of Subjective time

The Agitation

Seemness of equivalence

Acceleration, deceleration

Aristotelian concept of time

Tempometry for time

 Tense Vector

Strain of subjective time



 Boolean matrices as frame of psychology

Orientation in subjective times

Equal time intervals

Produce Either Equal Intervals methods   E E I P  


Single interval of duration

Levels of psychical reflection in accordance with Itelson L.B.

Future in the present time

The present instant

Vector expectancy theory - VET

темп временной перспективы

наполненность временного интервала

The dimensionality of each separate subjective time is 2

Zero gradient on time


 Laboratorial time is analogous to cleanness of test-tube in chemistry laboratory

 Fundamental scale - h/k 

one tick pacemaker


 Disequalduration (Дисиквалдюрейшен).


Preferred point in time- "now"

The touch-phase, defined as the time between onset and offset of the finger tap.

The off-phase, the period between offset and onset.